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Does Saturated Fat Cause Diabetes?

The University of California Davis Integrative Medicine center works to prevent chronic disease by educating patients about how to make positive changes in lifestyle habits. They address nutrition, exercise, stress management and smoking cessation, but their primary emphasis is nutrition and plant-based diets. They focus on preventing, halting, or reversing lifestyle diseases such obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Under the founding director, Dr. Rosane Oliveira, Integrative Medicine has produced The Ultimate Guide to Saturated Fats. With regard to type 2 diabetes, the guide states: Once we control…

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Making Sense of Advice about Tea and Diabetes

Should you drink tea if you have diabetes? What if you don’t have diabetes, but you’re concerned that you may be at-risk? The advice can be confusing. European studies that compared tea consumption with the incidence of Type 2 diabetes found that populations that drink 4 cups of tea a day are up to 20% less likely to have Type 2 diabetes. But what kind of tea is best? One report on the site, Europe PubMed Central, called “Having a Promising Efficacy on Type II Diabetes, It’s Definitely a Green…

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