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Why Being Optimistic Could Save Your Life

In the realm of medicine, observational studies show how one condition can be correlated to another condition.

One of the more encouraging observational studies to make the news is how optimism can actually have a beneficial boost on your health.

At least that’s what’s been shown by more than a handful of studies.

What researchers have been able to determine is those who are optimistic generally have better health than those who aren’t. In particular they’ve been able to notice that their hearts and their immune systems work in an enhanced function comparatively

Scott Barry who writes for Scientific American wrote an article about these associations.

What he noted is quite enlightening.

He writes:

This conception is important because optimism is particularly associated with positive immunological functioning and health. A 2012 review conducted by┬áJulia Boehm and Laura Kubzansky concluded that in healthy populations, “optimism and vitality are consistently associated with reduced risk of incident cardiovascular events.” In fact, across both healthy and patient populations, optimism was “the most reliably associated with a reduced risk of cardiac events.

The association gives people yet another reason to practice optimism.

So how exactly does it work to promote heart health.

Well the one thing we know is it isn’t optimism that makes people’s hearts healthy, but what optimism foes for their mind and their body.

What was noted in those studies is that optimistic people are less likely to engage in risky practices likes smoking, drinking excessively, maintaining a poor diet etc.

By following through with those practices it gives both their body, as well as their heart, a chance to live without added stress that can contribute to cardiovascular disease.

But again, optimism isn’t what causes a healthy heart

As Barry wrote

As this review (which includes 10 studies) suggests, the link between optimism and a healthy heart is real and robust. But this is just an association. This research doesn’t mean that optimism causes a healthy heart. It’s possible that being healthy causes people to be more optimistic. Or even another variable might be at play here that causes both optimism and a healthy heart to be related. While there is increasing evidence that high well-being does cause better health and longevity, we definitely need more research that follows people up over a long period of time and looks at the precise mechanisms that cause these factors to be related.

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