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Use This Traditional Remedy Just ONCE Every 5 Years!

Garlic is a powerful antibacterial agent; it obliterates viruses, fungi and parasites. Here are just five specific healing properties of garlic:

1. Boosting Immunity to Fight Disease

You depend on your immune system to fight biological threats to your health before they can take hold. Garlic is rich in vitamin C and potassium, which support your digestive system – the center of your immune response.

2. Reducing Hypertension

Pharmaceuticals may control your blood pressure, but they come with a host of side effects. Garlic relaxes the smooth muscles of your arteries, relaxing and dilating them, thus lowering your blood pressure naturally.

3. Outperforming Antibiotics in Fighting Common Diseases

Garlic has been used medicinally for 5,000 years, and modern research bears out its efficacy. A Washington State University study proves garlic is more effective than pharmaceutical antibiotics against the common bacteria, campylobacter bacterium, which now infects about 2.4 million Americans every year with stomach-related complaints.

4. Combating Cancer

Garlic is widely recognized for its ability to fight off cancer, without side effects. Garlic enhances the production of hydrogen sulfide, which scientist believe prevents the development of prostate, breast and colon cancer.

In order to make this traditional remedy you will need:

• 200 milliliters 95% alcohol (you can use rum also)
• 350 grams garlic

(The alcohol you use must be free of methanol or benzalkonium chloride.)

Preparation Instructions:

Clean the garlic bulbs well. Crush the garlic with a wooden or earthen mortar and pestle; do not let the garlic touch metal. Put the crushed garlic in a glass jar, and pour the alcohol over it.

Let the mixture sit for 10 days, then strain it and put it in a glass bottle. Keep it in the refrigerator for two more days, then consume the tincture on the following schedule.

Use Schedule:

Use this ONLY once every five years, and follow the recommended dosage and use schedule exactly.

Take this tincture before every meal for 12 days. Add one drop to a glass of water before breakfast, two drops in one glass of water before lunch, and three drops before dinner.

This traditional remedy has been proven in preventing and treating lung problems, artherosclerosis, hypertension, sinusitis, rheumatism, arthritis, gastritis, impotence and hemorrhoids. It also improves hearing, vision and metabolism, and is helpful for weight loss.



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