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The Most Important Ingredient In Dairy You’ve Never Heard Of

Recently there’ve been a spate of articles and studies that denounce dairy and say that if you want to live a life full of better health it would be best to avoid dairy.

And while avoidance of pasteurized dairy is definitely a good idea, there is one ingredient inside of dairy you should definitely think about adding to a supplement regimen.

Known as Colostrum, colostrum is a protein structure found in mammalian breast milk.

Sometimes referred to as “first milk,” this low-fat, high protein version of breast milk has a wide assortment of reputed health claims.

For one it is loaded with natural antibodies. Much of the reason newborn mammals are able to survive the first few days and months of their birth is because these antibodies are passed through in feeding by colostrum. This gives the infants the ability to fight off bacteria and viruses as well as helping them put on weight.

Cut colostrum doesn’t just benefit newborn mammals, and there’s a mounting collection of research showing it’s healthy to be consumed well into later life.

While colostrum is found in nearly all mammal’s milk, research formulated the ability for us to extract it from cows’ milk with ease.

The health benefits of colostrum supplementation extend to a wide variety of people.

For one it’s great for athletes.

As Healthline writes, it’s gaining popularity in the athletic world because of the performance enhancing abilities of colostrum:

Dr. Jon Buckley, a sports nutrition expert who teaches at the University of South Australia, has studied the potential benefits of bovine colostrum for athletes for decades. He’s found that supplementing an athlete’s diet with 60 grams of concentrated bovine colostrum protein powder can improve an athlete’s performance by more than 5 percent.

In fact, using the same regimen listed above the Australian swim teams won convincing Olympic victories in 2000 and 2004 in part they claim owing to colostrum supplementation.

But colostrum isn’t just helpful from a performance enhancement standpoint.

In fact it’s been known to help:

  • Restore and balance hormone levels
  • Help to enhance the immune system
  • Work to restore optimal digestive function

How does it accomplish this? As secrets-to-longevity write:

The health benefits of colostrum can be attributed to the fact that it contains 97 immune factors (constituents that build and improve different aspects of the immune system), 87 growth factors (bio-identical hormones and hormone precursors) and a variety of different probiotics along with prebiotics that help grow and feed the beneficial flora in the colostrum and in your gut!

So for people who have damaged guts, or suffer from IBS colostrum could be a great benefit.

If you want to learn more about colostrum and its numerous health benefits you can watch this informative video that goes into detail about how colostrum can help you starting now.

Click the picture below to start the video.

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