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5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Tap Water Today

One of the biggest differences between the developing world and the civilized world is the ready access we have to clean water. In America it’s assumed safe to drink water from the tap. Unlike much of the world, drinking tap water here doesn’t pose an immediate risk of contracting a life threatening disease┬álike diphtheria, cholera, e.coli, and more. But that doesn’t mean our water supplies are 100% safe. In fact, it’s true our water supplies are actually unsafe to drink. The reason why? Tap water is full of toxic chemicals…

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Your Drinking Water is Intentionally Contaminated with this Dangerous Chemical

If you live in the United States then the odds are supremely high that your water has been purposefully contaminated. “By what?” you might ask. Fluoride. Despite what you might be led to believe, fluoride is not needed for healthy teeth. In fact, there are studies that show fluoride can actually damage teeth, as well as working to damage other parts of the body. Fluoride is the byproduct of the manufacture of certain fertilizers. According to Fluoride Alert, the leading fluoride advocacy group, this is how we get fluoride: The…

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