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New Hope for Crohn’s Disease

A new vaccine offers hope in the fight against Crohn’s disease.Researchers have conducted animal studies, and human trials will begin this summer. Meanwhile, fears are rising that the disease may be caused by a bug present in milk. One country with a very high incidence of Crohn’s disease is Scotland, where one in 200 people are living with the condition. Most victims are young people and children. Crohn’s can progress to bowel cancer, and as many as 75 percent of afflicted patients eventually need major surgery.

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10 Reasons to Avoid the Flu Shot

Every Fall, Americans are subject to the annual onslaught of encouragement to be inoculated against influenza. The pressure continues through Spring, by which time more than half of U.S. citizens will have received the flu shot. Many of these people suffer adverse health consequences from the inoculation, because the flu shot is more dangerous than you have been led to believe. Here are ten reasons to avoid the flu vaccine: 1. The vaccine is ineffective. Each year’s supply of vaccine is created months ahead of flu season, based on a…

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