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Parents Trusted This Brand to Help Keep Kids Safe, What They’ve Just Been Found Guilty of Will Shock You

Parents expect that drug companies who make products specifically for younger children are following the best practices and procedures available to ensure their children’s safety. After all, they know their young children are highly susceptible to environmental toxins, bacteria, and disease, so if they’re going to have their children take any kinds of medicines, they expect those medicines will have been made with great attention to detail. However that doesn’t really look like it’s true, at least all the time. In an ironic twist, a pharmaceutical company has been found…

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What The Makers of Infant’s Tylenol Were Found Guilty of Doing to Children Is Horrifying

If there’s ever been a doubt that huge companies are often out for profit over health, then this story should help confirm the suspicion. Apparently the makers of  Infant’s Tylenol and Children’s Motrin knowingly included toxic metals in their products. What makes this especially horrifying is the inclusion of these metals is much more deadly when given to children who don’t yet have detoxification systems that can help them purge these deadly elements from  their bodies. Meaning the decision to sell these products could have lifelong affects on these young…

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The Hidden and Deadly Dangers of America’s Most Common Pain Killer

Odds are you have some of this in a medicine cabinet at this very moment. And whether you realize it or not, every dose you take, or hand out to loved ones, could be potentially life threatening. The drug in question is acetaminophen. You might know it by its brand name of Tylenol. Whatever you call it, this drug is one of the most problematic in the world. Mainly because of its pervasiveness as well as the wealth of misinformation surrounding it. The reason acetaminophen is so dangerous is because…

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This Common Painkiller Has an Unseen and Deadly Risk You Need to Know About

Whether you were aware or not, America’s deadliest non-prescription drug is also its most common. The drug in question is known by its brand name of Tylenol. But the real problem is the constituent generic drug known as acetaminophen. It’s believed that every single year 100,000 people are checked into a hospital to help deal with an overdose on acetaminophen. More to the point, 500 people die every single year from an over dose on acetaminophen. So what’s the problem, why is Tylenol so bad for us? The problem lies in…

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