5 Tips for Running in the Heat

If you’re a runner, you may daydream of training in the cool summers of Maine, or Michigan. But the reality is that many of us are stuck with hot summers across the Midwest or South. Heat and humidity may be your running companions. You may finish a run feeling as though you climbed out of a pool, soaking wet. If you must run in the heat, here are five ways to protect your health and enjoy your run: 1. Be wise in your timing – Run when it is coolest,…

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Olympic Runner Alexi Pappas Shares her Training Regimen

Alexi Pappas did not medal in the Rio Olympics, but she did set a new record in her event, the 10,000 meter race. ¬†She soared through the 6.2 mile course in 31:36:16, the best time in Greek history. The 26-year-old runner, who holds dual American/Greek citizenship, competed in college in Oregon. To maximize her chances of being able to complete in the Games, she qualified for the Greek Olympic Team. This runner is not just an athlete. She is also a filmmaker, an actress and a poet. She appears in…

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