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How Cannabis Helps Treat Parkinson’s Disease

At its heart, Parkinson’s disease remains a mystery. We understand how it behaves and progresses, but no one yet knows the cause, nor how to prevent it. Parkinson’s usually begins with a slight tremor. Over time it develops to cause stiffness and and slowing of movement. Ultimately, it can reduce mental capacity and shorten life. One thing we do know is that Parkinson’s causes dopamine-producing brain cells to stop functioning and to deteriorate. It is the cessation of dopamine production that causes the tremors, rigidity, spasms, problems with sleeping and…

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Can Dancing Change Our Brains?

Can dancing the tango improve the way your brain functions? A non-profit organization in New York has shown the answer is “Yes.” Dance for PD® works with people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Because Parkinson’s is a disorder of the brain, and the structure of the brain constantly changes, some people wondered if something as simple as dance could change the brain of Parkinson’s patients. They asked the Mark Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn to create a program for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The program began in 2001, and now, almost…

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