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Why Being Optimistic Could Save Your Life

In the realm of medicine, observational studies show how one condition can be correlated to another condition. One of the more encouraging observational studies to make the news is how optimism can actually have a beneficial boost on your health. At least that’s what’s been shown by more than a handful of studies. What researchers have been able to determine is those who are optimistic generally have better health than those who aren’t. In particular they’ve been able to notice that their hearts and their immune systems work in an…

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Can You Train Your Brain to Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease?

You might not know this, but a growing body of research has shown if your mind is healthy, then your heart is also healthy. The exact mechanism these researchers have associated with increased heart health? Optimism. There have already been numerous studies that show how you can train your brain for positive affects on your health. It’s been noted by several ┬ástudies that being thankful can help you sleep better as well as help you deal with stress better. But now researchers have been able to show how optimism likely…

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