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Which Vitamins are Useless, and Which You Should Take

People are accustomed to nutritional advice that includes: eat your veggies, exercise every day, and of course, take your vitamins. But that may be change, as years of research has failed to yield persuasive evidence that supplemental vitamins have positive health benefits. In actuality, recent studies indicate that some vitamins may be bad for you. Some have been implicated in an increase in certain cancers, while others have been linked to elevated risk of kidney stones. Despite these concerns, however, Americans continue to consume supplements. A recent article in Science…

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Why You Should Eat 15 Almonds Daily

Eating almonds is one of the tastiest ways to get an abundance of powerful nutrients packed into a very small package. You can snack on almonds, enjoy them as almond milk, or throw them into a stir-fry. Almonds are so nutrient-dense that only 15 of the tasty nuts given you a daily dose of goodness. Almonds are rich in antioxidants, protein, minerals and heart-healthy fat. Health experts are increasingly emphasizing the importance of eating plant-based fats, as opposed to animal fats. Like olive oil, coconut oil, and avocados, almonds and…

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7 Surprising Foods that Support Muscle Growth and Definition

As you already know, if you want to grow muscle and increase definition, you must exercise. But exercise is no substitute for a poor diet. For muscle definition, you must lose body fat so the muscles are visible. Most bodybuilders will tell you you have to consume a lot of protein and carbs if you want to build muscle, because carbohydrates fuel muscles and protein increases muscle mass. However, experts now say it is not that simple. An intriguing new finding is that your body has a mechanism by which…

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4 Secrets to Easy, Consistent Weight Loss

In a recent article in, author and weight-loss expert Liz Swann Miller revealed her secrets to easy and consistent weight loss. Miller is the creator of the Red Detox Smoothie, and she is a proponent of healthy, whole foods. Here are her top three secrets: Secret #1: Enjoy real food. Do not accept the false believe you must deprive yourself in order to lose weight. Secret #2: Stop eating out. You will be surprised how much less you eat, and how that will support your weight loss. Secret #3:…

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9 Foods High in Vitamin D

Scientists say half the world’s population may not get sufficient sunlight, and four out of ten Americans are deficient in vitamin D. Today, more than any time in the past, people spend most of their time indoors. They also wear sunblock, and they eat the “standard American diet,” which is low in this vitamin. The Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for vitamin D is 400 IU per day from foods. However, many health organizations suggest 600 IU. If you do not get much sun, that amount should probably be 1,000 IU…

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4 Foods That Actually Stress You Out

Stress is part of the human condition. Mediation and healthy exercise are good ways to deal with stress, but you may also want to pay attention to your diet. Plan to avoid those foods that actually feed the release of more stress hormones. Stress stimulates the release of adrenaline and cortisol, which alert your body to restock energy supplies – whether you need to or not. That signal causes you to feel hungry, to eat more frequently and in greater quantities. Additionally, cortisol encourages fat storage. Under stress, you may…

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Scientists Say Obesity May be a Brain Disorder

A recent study conducted by Macquarie University indicates that obesity may actually be a disorder of the brain, characterized by a progressive deterioration of cognitive processes that impact eating behaviors. The study shows that memory inhibition, which is the helpful ability to “block out” memories that no longer serve us (and which originates in the hippocampus), is liked to overeating. When our brains are functioning properly, our food-related memories should be prominent when we are hungry then recede when we are full. That way, thoughts of food disappear when eating…

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Why Hispanics Live Longer

Population demographics show that Hispanics in the United States are living on average two years longer than Anglo whites, and and more than seven years longer than blacks.The Chicago Tribune reports: A Hispanic born in 2006 could expect to live about 80 years and seven months, the government estimates. Life expectancy for a white is about 78, and for a black, just shy of 73 years. Some demographers are calling this the “Hispanic paradox,” unexpected longevity in a population many of whose members are poor and relatively uneducated. One theory…

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9 Health Benefits of Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is so creamy and sweet you might imagine it’s an indulgence that is bad for you, but the opposite is true. Coconut milk is rich in benefits for your body. It supports your immune system and prevents disease. In fact, coconut milk, like coconut water and coconut oil, is one of the healthiest foods available. Coconut milk is actually not “milk” at all. It is the liquid inside mature coconuts, stored within the coconut meat. Coconut water is the substance that leaks out when you crack open a…

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The Newest Hope in the Effort to Combat Aging

Throughout recorded history, people have sought a way to avoid aging and extend life. Ponce de Leon’s search for the elusive “fountain of youth” led to the exploration of Florida. Today, as baby boomers move forward into old age, the interest in a true anti-aging formula is growing. An article in Technology Review describes the efforts of one company, Elysium Health, which is taking a non-traditional route in developing its anti-aging formula. Elysium is taking its research and offering a nutraceutical, rather than a pharmaceutical pill. This will allow it…

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