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This South African Herb is Healthier than Green Tea

An herb grows in South Africa that the locals make into a health-giving tea. The herb is rooibos, and health experts believe it offers benefits far beyond even those of green tea. The Bushmen of Africa have used rooibos since before recorded history, but it has not yet become well-known in the United States. Research is being done on rooibos in a number of countries around the world, but not in the U.S. While individual Americans are interested in alternative healing methods, the pharmaceutical industry is not interested in natural…

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The Chemistry of Essential Oils

Essential oils have become increasingly popular. If you decide to use essential oils for health, here is some basic related chemistry it will be helpful to know. First, you should know that therapeutic grade essential oils never contain propylene glycol or petrochemicals. Second, the chemical makeup of any essential oil determines its medicinal properties. Being aware of the chemical constituency of oils facilitates blending them for optimal effect. What are the Main Groups of Compounds in Essential Oils? The two main groups of compounds in essential oils are hydrocarbons and…

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