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Science is Proving We Absorb Energy from Each Other

Dr. Olaf Kruse and his team of biological researchers at Bielefeld University in Germany have made a groundbreaking discovery. They have proven that plants draw upon other plants as an alternative source of energy. This research is poised to impact the future of bioenergy, as scientists move closer to proving that human beings also draw energy from each other. The researchers found that a plant, the green alga, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, not only performs photosynthesis, but also relies an alternative source of energy, that of other plants. The research has just…

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How this Harvard-Trained Doctor Healed Himself

Dr. Akil Palanisamy is a physician who practices integrative medicine, and the author of a new book, The Paleovedic Diet: A Complete Program to Burn Fat, Increase Energy, and Reverse Disease.┬áHis interest in holistic health grew out years of struggle with his own health issues. Palanisamy was graduating from Harvard and had been accepted to medical school at University of California, San Francisco, when he starting having pain in his wrist and numbness and tingling in his arms. The pain was diagnosed as repetitive strain injury (RSI). He was prescribed…

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