The Trauma of Caring for a Spouse with Alzheimer’s

While there are several forms of dementia, the most common is Alzheimer’s disease, which accounts for 64 percent of dementia. Its hallmark symptom is the progressive loss of cognitive function, and a gradual loss of memory. When the person with Alzheimer’s experiences this decline, he or she may no longer remember even the people he loves the most. This loss of memory can be profoundly traumatic for caregivers, particularly when the carer is the spouse. As time passes and the condition worsens, both partners lose the shared history that they…

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Knock Out Depression Without Dangerous Drugs

Every person on earth has probably experienced depression, at one time or another. But for approximately one out of four women, and one of eight men, depression is an ongoing problem. It comes in many shapes, triggered by a different life events and situations. Before you turn to potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, you may want to consider some natural approaches. Summer is winding down, and in the next few months the days will be getting shorter. For many people, lack of sunlight and time out-of-doors result in SAD, seasonal affective…

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Could Your Diet be Making You Depressed?

After decades of depression, Jodi Corbitt, a 47-year-old mother from Catonsville, Maryland, believed she would always have to take antidepressant medication to function. Then, in 2010, she decided to lose some weight. She stopped eating gluten, and within a month her life had changed. She says, It was like a veil lifted and I could see life more clearly. It changed everything. Corbitt had accidentally come across a phenomenon that scientists are just beginning to study: the idea food can impact the mind in the same powerful way it impacts…

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5 Ways to Protect Your Energy

Human beings are social creatures. Even introverts need to feel they are a valuable part of a social group, and we are inevitably influenced by others in our group. If you are surrounded by upbeat, happy people, you are likely to share that attitude. But if you are surrounded by negative people, people who complain or backbite or are always pessimistic, it is hard to maintain your own sense of hope and optimism. Empathy is the ability to feel the feelings of another person, as though we were standing in…

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9 Things to Know About Postpartum Depression

A well-known Hollywood star recently checked into a facility that treats postpartum depression, bringing much-needed attention to this critical issue. Postpartum depression is real, and it requires treatment. Frequently, however, shame keeps new mothers, and their families, from seeking help. Here are nine facts to know about postpartum depression: 1. Postpartum depression is not the “baby blues.” Approximately 80 percent of women experience the baby blues during the first week or two after giving birth. They feel worried, tired, sad and often overwhelmed. But true postpartum depression is much more…

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How Nature Walks Change Your Brain

The majority of people now live in cities, and spend much less time enjoying nature than people did in previous generations. Research shows urban dwellers are at higher risk for anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses, compared to people living in rural environments. Now a new study has proven that walking in nature actually changes your brain. A growing body of research has demonstrated that residents of cities who have limited access to green spaces have higher levels of psychological problems than people who live near parks. Other research shows…

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