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Why Drink Cranberry Juice?

Cranberry juice offers an array of health benefits.¬†Cranberries are native to North America. They have a huge antioxidant capacity when compared to other fruits and vegetables. At only 45 calories per cup, the juice provides energy, protein, carbohydrates and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and zinc. In addition to vitamin C, it includes thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, E (alpha tocopherol) and vitamin K. Here is a breakdown of some of the health benefits of cranberries: Urinary tract Infections (UTI):¬†Urinary tract infections occur when certain micro-organisms…

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11 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Before Breakfast

Many health experts recommend you drink a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning, then wait a quarter to half an hour to have your breakfast. Your body can absorb more nutrients on an empty stomach. Lemons are enjoyed all over the world. They are high in vitamin C and fiber, and they are rich in plant compounds, minerals, and essential oils. Maximum benefits are obtained from squeezing either a half or whole lemon into a cup of water. 11 Reasons to Start Your Day with Lemon Water:…

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The Chemistry of Essential Oils

Essential oils have become increasingly popular. If you decide to use essential oils for health, here is some basic related chemistry it will be helpful to know. First, you should know that therapeutic grade essential oils never contain propylene glycol or petrochemicals. Second, the chemical makeup of any essential oil determines its medicinal properties. Being aware of the chemical constituency of oils facilitates blending them for optimal effect. What are the Main Groups of Compounds in Essential Oils? The two main groups of compounds in essential oils are hydrocarbons and…

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5 Top Benefits of Drinking Lots of Water

As Americans have become more health conscious, detoxification has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Health food stores, drug stores, and Internet sites offer all kinds of products that promise to remove toxins from the body. Many of them are very expensive; a simple “detox drink” can cost as much as $10. Many of these products do not work as advertised. Some can actually do harm. All this is frustrating to genuine health experts, who know the truth. Real results are available with something you already have on hand, and for…

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Meditation Alters Your Body and Your Brain

Fans of meditation have been claiming for years that the practice reduces stress and lowers your risk of disease. Until recently, however, the available information was only anecdotal; there were no scientifically controlled, randomized studies to support those claims. Now research published in Biological Psychiatry shines additional light on the subject, and demonstrates that mindfulness meditation, unlike a placebo, can alter the brains of participants and improve their health. Mindfulness meditation requires “an open and receptive, nonjudgmental awareness of your present moment experience,” writes J. David Creswell, who led the…

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How Instant Noodles Could Wreck Your Health

Instant noodles have long been a staple for struggling college students. Sure, we know they are processed and full of artificial flavors, but they’re cheap and easy to prepare, so many people who are short of money or time come to rely on them as a go-to meal or snack. One of the things people often mention is that these instant ramen noodles really fill you up. Now we know there is a reason for that. In a study conducted through Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Braden Kuo used a pill-sized…

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Do These 5 Things Every Day to Feel Young and Vibrant

Anti-aging is a huge business throughout the world. People are either trying to stave off the normal aging process by spending a fortune on creams, pills, surgery and makeup, or they have surrendered to the belief that illness, weight gain, and sagging skin are inevitable side effects of getting older. Many of us move into our fifties and beyond exhausted from working hard and getting our children launched. Many of us are overweight. If you want to have a healthy life in your fifties, sixties and beyond, there are five…

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How Toxic Is Your Body?

Every year, Americans are exposed to 2.5 billion pounds of toxic chemicals, and 6 million pounds of mercury. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, 80,000 toxic chemicals have been released into the environment. Most of them have not been evaluated in terms of their impact on human health, and for the ones that have, the results are disturbing. The Environmental Working Group says the average newborn baby arrives in the world with 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord – so imagine how many chemicals may be…

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Know About Nettles

Every spring, gardeners spend time removing prickly nettles from their gardens. In today’s world, the nettle is often regarded as a weed. But in traditional medicine, the nettle, or Urtica dioica, has a rich history. For more than 2,000 years, people have been using the nettle as an invigorating spring tonic to support wellness, and for joint health. Perhaps it’s time to shift our perception, and see nettle as a powerful herb. Nettles are not easy to love. Virtually every part of the nettle is covered with tiny protrusions called…

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Junk These 10 Items for a Healthier Home

If you’re looking for ways to make your home a safer environment while improving your family’s health, consider saying goodbye to these ten items: 1. Artificial Sweeteners Most of us know sugar is bad for our health, which has provided an opening for companies that want to sell us so-called “healthy alternatives” in the form of artificial sweeteners. There are some healthy choices, such as stevia, Luo Han and xylitol, but get rid of any products that contain Splenda (sucralose) or aspartame. These additives increase insulin sensitivity, disrupt the good…

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