Health Studies 

These Researchers Want to Help Your Brain Feel Like a Kid Again

Kids’ brains are clearly designed for learning. Todders easily acquire multiple languages. Children learn musical instruments much more easily than adults, and early musical training makes it easier to attain perfect pitch. In fact, kids and teenagers pick up a variety of skills and abilities much more quickly than we do as adults. This facility in learning is probably attributable to the fact children’s brains are “plastic,” and easily molded. Young children must be able to learn many skills quickly, in order to function in the world. Older people lose…

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Help for People Who are Always Late

Are you one of those people? You tell yourself you’re going to leave home in plenty of time to keep your appointment. You put out your clothes the night before, and set your alarm. Yet in spite of your best efforts, you’re always fifteen minutes late for work, or your meeting, or your class. It’s probably been true your whole life, and it seems impossible to change. Or perhaps it’s not you who is chronically late. Perhaps it’s your spouse, or one of your kids. It drives you crazy, but…

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