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Release Negative Emotion to Release Excess Weight

ChopraIn a recent article, Laurentine Ten Bosch says the emotions most commonly trapped in our bodies are anxiety, grief, disgust, humiliation, overwhelm, worthlessness and conflict. Ten Bosch, who is the filmmaker behind the movies Food Matters and Hungry for Change, says when these emotions are stuck within us, we are vulnerable to chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, skin conditions and digestive disorders. We also tend to hold onto excess weight.

How do you release these negative emotions? Ten Bosch called on health guru Dr. Deepak Chopra for ideas. Here are their suggestions:

1. Meditate

Use guided meditation to identify the emotion troubling you, and locate it within your body.

2. Seek Out The Emotion

Sit in a comfortable posture and breath slowly. Think about the emotional that may be holding you back. Remember an uncomfortable moment, and touch the area of your body where you feel that emotion; it may be your chest or your stomach.

3. Own The Emotion

Focus on the situation or person that triggered the emotion you are feeling, and allow yourself to realize you have the power to hold on to it, or let it go. Take control and ownership of the feeling, then make the conscious choice to release it.

4. Write It Down

Journal about your feelings. Don’t worry if your writing seems disjointed; this is just for you. Get started and let the words flow.

5. Talk It Out

If you have been hurt by someone, talk to that person. If that seems impossible, talk the situation through with someone you trust.

6. Be Grateful For The Lesson

Every painful experience or feeling holds a lesson for us. Notice how the emotion you have identified has helped you achieve a higher level of understanding and insight, and made you stronger. Allow yourself to feel grateful.

7. Tap Your Way Through It

Try using “Tapping,” the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is a process that allows you to release locked emotions and make a shift deep inside your consciousness. The dreams and goals you cherish will begin to feel within your reach.

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