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This Powerful Libido Boosting Hormone is Affordable and Effective

22886662_sIt doesn’t matter what age you are (well, unless you’re under 18) if you’ve been curious to know what might boost your sex-drive you’ve likely heard testosterone and estrogen supplementation can do the trick.

Surprisingly there’s one other supplement that can help out in this area of interest as well.

DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone your body uses to produce other hormones (such as testosterone and estrogen). The benefits that DHEA supplementation produce are extensive. Namely when you have adequate amounts of DHEA in your body it makes it very easy for your body to produce the sex hormones needed for enhanced libido.

So to experience a higher sex drive take DHEA.

But that’s not all it does.

For one it strengthens muscles, helps to keep mucus membranes moist and pliable, promotes hair growth in the armpits as well as the pubic region, and it also works to increases your immune system’s function.

It can help to increase your energy levels as well as helping to ward off anxiety and depression.

Because it works this way it’s also been shown to improve your mood, as well as increasing libido (in females). It’s been shown to help promote enhanced memory function and fights cancer, diabetes as well as heart disease.

DHEA has been shown to reduce the symptoms of lupus as well as helping to reduce obesity by aiding in fat loss. It’s been shown to help combat adrenal fatigue. It can even help skin look smoother and younger, and has been shown to help with erectile dysfunction that is not the result of diabetes or nerve disorders.

In fact, over your lifetime you’ll secret more DHEA than any other hormone. Meaning if for any reason you’re deficient in the hormone other hormone levels will be affected as well.

Here’s what studies have been able to show about this precursor hormone.

– A study by the American Journal of Endocrinal Metabolism proved supplementation with DHEA helped the elderly increase muscle mass and strength when combined with resistance training.

– The University of Colorado performed a study in 2006 which indicated supplementation in individuals who supplemented with DHEA had improved bone mineral as well as increased spine bone mineral density. This study concluded the supplementation actually made bones stronger, owing to the balance of sex hormone levels.

– The National Institute of Mental Health conducted a study of 46 individuals who suffered from minor depression. After 6 six weeks 23 of the individuals showed a 50% decrease in the levels of the symptoms of depression.

– Men who suffered from an androgen deficiency were shown to help with progressive improvement in mood, fatigue and joint pain. The study conducted by the University of Pisa showed supplementing with DHEA produced significant changes hormone levels and can even work to counteract the decline of endocrine function produced by age. The men had better energy levels and felt stronger than before supplementation.

– In a 1999 study published in Biological Psychiatry, researchers showed after testing that 60% of those receiving DHEA responded well to the treatment of their depression. This was 200% better than the performance of those who took placebos.

– In DHEA: A Practical Guide, Dr. Ray Sahelian shows that DHE can help increase your body’s ability to fight cancer. The increased activity of lymphocytes (natural cancer killers) meant the body could more effectively fight cancerous and precancerous cell growth. The body didn’t produce more, but better equipped the body to fight off cancer.

– A study published by The Journal of Aging found that when men and women supplemented with 50 mg of DHEA it improved their glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Continued supplementation (2 years and beyond) showed reductions of glucose in the blood on order of what could be called a stellar blood sugar regulator.

Now DHEA can and should be taken by anyone who is experiencing a waning sex drive.

Before beginning a regimen it’s advised you consult a physician to see how much you should take.

One other thing you can do to experience a boost in sex drive is get rid of belly fat.

Belly fat is one of the main reasons sex hormone levels like DHEA go down in the first place.

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