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Top Swimmers Sport Purple Dots on Their Shoulders in This Year’s Olympics

If you followed the swimming events closely at this year’s Olympics in Rio, you may have noticed some purple dots on the shoulders of Michael Phelps and Cody Miller. Gymnast Alex Naddour had similar marks, leading reporters and viewers to wonder what they were. The marks are caused by “cupping,” a bodywork technique that has been embraced by many world-class athletes. The Olympic Games created a buzz around the technique. Reuters says cupping therapy equipment sales rose by 20 percent in the three days following Phelps’ victory. The International Cupping…

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What You Need to Know About Walking for Health

Do you walk 10,000 steps every day? Healthy expert Joseph Mercola, M.D., believes it’s a basic requirement for good health, just like drinking enough water. Your body is designed for movement. Scientist and author of Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement, Katy Bowman, says: “Walking is a superfood. It’s the defining movement of a human.” Research has proven that walking two miles a day or more reduces the risk of hospitalization from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by half, and another study found daily walking for at…

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Seven Bedtime Rituals of Successful People

The way you prepare for sleep at night can impact your success in business and in life. Business Insider magazine interviewed successful people to learn what habits they practice before going to bed. They came up with a list of seven rituals you can put into action. Some of these rituals you may already be doing. Some are simple, and some will require a little effort, but all of them will improve your life. They are: 1. Disconnect from work – Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of…

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4 Secrets to Easy, Consistent Weight Loss

In a recent article in, author and weight-loss expert Liz Swann Miller revealed her secrets to easy and consistent weight loss. Miller is the creator of the Red Detox Smoothie, and she is a proponent of healthy, whole foods. Here are her top three secrets: Secret #1: Enjoy real food. Do not accept the false believe you must deprive yourself in order to lose weight. Secret #2: Stop eating out. You will be surprised how much less you eat, and how that will support your weight loss. Secret #3:…

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9 Foods High in Vitamin D

Scientists say half the world’s population may not get sufficient sunlight, and four out of ten Americans are deficient in vitamin D. Today, more than any time in the past, people spend most of their time indoors. They also wear sunblock, and they eat the “standard American diet,” which is low in this vitamin. The Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for vitamin D is 400 IU per day from foods. However, many health organizations suggest 600 IU. If you do not get much sun, that amount should probably be 1,000 IU…

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Knock Out Depression Without Dangerous Drugs

Every person on earth has probably experienced depression, at one time or another. But for approximately one out of four women, and one of eight men, depression is an ongoing problem. It comes in many shapes, triggered by a different life events and situations. Before you turn to potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, you may want to consider some natural approaches. Summer is winding down, and in the next few months the days will be getting shorter. For many people, lack of sunlight and time out-of-doors result in SAD, seasonal affective…

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Insulin Resistance Sets the Stage for Cancer

Scientists are coming to recognize the link between elevated blood sugar and an increased risk of cancer. There is a well-documented relationship between obesity, which often correlates with high blood sugar levels, and an increased risk of death of all causes. According to a 2013 study, almost one in five deaths in the United States is associated with obesity.

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4 Foods That Actually Stress You Out

Stress is part of the human condition. Mediation and healthy exercise are good ways to deal with stress, but you may also want to pay attention to your diet. Plan to avoid those foods that actually feed the release of more stress hormones. Stress stimulates the release of adrenaline and cortisol, which alert your body to restock energy supplies – whether you need to or not. That signal causes you to feel hungry, to eat more frequently and in greater quantities. Additionally, cortisol encourages fat storage. Under stress, you may…

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6 Ways to Soothe Nausea (Even in Pregnancy)

Nausea is miserable, whatever the cause. Couple that with the three-month window in pregnancy when nausea is common, and it’s good to find some useful ways to counter that urge to hurl. There is no magic bullet for nausea in pregnancy, or any time, but there are methods that have proven useful and are worth a try. Here are six: 1. Eat when your body is cooperative. – The nausea of pregnancy is fickle. One minute you’re running to the bathroom, and the next you’re actually hungry. So when you’re…

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5 Tips for Running in the Heat

If you’re a runner, you may daydream of training in the cool summers of Maine, or Michigan. But the reality is that many of us are stuck with hot summers across the Midwest or South. Heat and humidity may be your running companions. You may finish a run feeling as though you climbed out of a pool, soaking wet. If you must run in the heat, here are five ways to protect your health and enjoy your run: 1. Be wise in your timing – Run when it is coolest,…

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