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How to Lower Your Blood Sugar Fast

Blood sugar monitorDiabetes is a journey, and you learn as you go along. If you’ve had the disorder for a while, you probably know what will cause a spike in your blood sugar and how to correct it. If you are newly diagnosed, however, seeing a high number can be scary. First thing: Relax. Stress hormones cause blood sugar to rise even more. Drink a cup of calming herbal tea, breathe deeply, or take a little walk.

Now spend a little while thinking about what you’ve eaten recently. It’s even better if you keep a food journal, which provides a shortcut for the learning process. When you identify the food that caused the spike, you can avoid it in the future, or cut down on the amount you eat.

A recent article in says the top two ways to lower your blood sugar quickly are:

  1. Burn off Sugar
    Physical activity will use up the extra glucose in your blood. Try jogging, riding a stationary bike or doing some jumping jacks. You could even just swing your arms in a circle. Do this for at least ten minutes.
  2. Flush out Sugar
    Drink two 8-ounce glasses of water quickly. Give yourself another five minutes, then drink a third glass. This will likely cause you to urinate. Water dilutes the blood, and this will flush the excess sugar out of your bloodstream.

The following foods and drinks will also lower your blood sugar quickly:

Peanut Butter
Two tablespoons of peanut butter will act quickly to give you a lower number. If you don’t want to eat it straight from the spoon, spread it on apple slices. Avoid eating grain with it, however (such as crackers or bread). Grain is a trigger for some people, and it may take some time to determine your personal tolerance. The writer of the Examiner article ate peanut butter directly from the jar, and her blood sugar dropped 40 points.

Unsweetened Green Tea
Drinking green tea has been found to lower blood sugar by as much as 30 points. Ordinary black tea, and white tea as well, can also be effective. You can keep green tea capsules on hand for emergency use.

Cinnamon is well known as a way to reduce blood sugar. Spring a couple of teaspoons on unsweetened yogurt, or take it in capsule form.

Red Wine
A single glass of red wine is often effective, but do not exceed one glass. And be sure it is red wine, not white, or beer or another alcoholic drink.

Two tablespoons of vinegar taken before a meal, even as part of a salad dressing, can force a dramatic reduction in blood sugar.

Almonds or Pecans
Eating just a half cup of almonds or pecans can lower your blood sugar level.

Keep in mind the suggestions above are simply temporary measures. You may need medication, and you certainly will need regular exercise, plenty of water, and a healthy diet. Talk to your doctor often, and most people find it helpful to enlist the assistance of a diabetic counselor.



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