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House Passes Bill to Ban GMO Labeling Legislation

GMO2HR 1599, “The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act,” passed the U.S. House of Representatives on July 23, 2015. Although it met with heavy opposition, the measure passed by a vote of 275 to 150. GMO industry lobbyists spent almost $64 million in their successful attempt to persuade lawmakers to support their position.

Opponents to the act have nicknamed it the “Deny Americans the Right to Know,” or DARK Act. HR 1599 specifically bans state and local governments from passing legislation requiring labeling of genetically modified foods. Vermont is one state that has such a law, set to go into effect in 2016. Anti-GMO activists describe this bill as the latest and worst incarnation of the “Monsanto Protection Act.”

The Environmental Working Group, which monitors industry lobbying efforts, says food and biotechnology companies spent $63.6 million in 2014 on their efforts to pass this type of legislation. That amount is almost three times spent in 2013. The Grocer Manufacturers Association for GMO lobbying spent $25.4 million last year. The pro-labeling lobby, in contrast, spent only $2.6 million during 2014. reports:

In the first six months of this year, Coca-Cola ($5,040,000), PepsiCo ($3,230,000), Kraft ($1,180,000), Kellogg’s ($1,310,000), General Mills ($1,100,000) and Land O’Lakes ($720,000) disclosed the largest lobbying expenditures that mentioned GMO labeling, according to EWG analysis.

With the House passing the DARK Act last month, Big Food will certainly re-stock the cash pipeline and unleash its army of lobbyists who are pushing the Senate to pass the DARK Act and deny Americans in every state the right to know what’s in their food,” says Libby Foley, a policy analyst with EWG and author of the report.

At the state level, opponents of labeling spent $105.8 million to defeat GMO labeling initiatives in California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

HR 1599, which was introduced by Representative Mike Pompeo (R-Kansas), also weakens federal oversight of GMO foods. The bill also calls for the creation of a USDA non-GMO certification program much like the National Organic Program. This would shift all of the costs to producers who want to declare their foods non-GMO, creating even more obstacles for consumers who want to know whether the food they are buying is genetically engineered.

Natural food activists point out that this law, if it is passed in the Senate, will be another huge victory for the mass-production food industry, and a defeat for the American people.

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  • Yousuck

    There is nothing good about this.

  • Lorraine E

    If our congressmen and women and divying up $64 million from the GMO industry, how many more millions are they receiving for not having the best interest of their constituents in mind? Many European and muslim countries won’t accept GMO seeds and food into their country and they are watching Americans getting fatter and sicker from food??? which our representatives have been paid to approve for us lab rats. What are the names of the 275 congressmen who approved hiding the fact that our food has been “fundamentally changed?” I’ll bet they are not eating GMO products. Read “Seeds of Destruction” by F. William Engdahl and “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, M.D.

    • Lexus Alexander

      You are so right and these lobbyists have bribed these Congressmen to the hilt for their votes! These puppets are controlled by the ruling elite and agents of the Anunnaki Reptilian aliens controlling and actually possessing those in D.C. That’s a well known fact of those in the know and these corrupt leaders. You can take that to the bank!! Vote these incumbent, immoral, greedy murderers out of office. They need to be prosecuted but we don’t have a justice department or justice and they are totally lawless!

  • Surly Curmudgen

    They have to be afraid of something. They are spending a lot of money to keep something hidden. Have the polititions been lied to or are that many of them infected with the greed for money and power?

    • HisCrownJewel

      #2 – that many of them are infected with the greed for money and power. I don’t know how many would have voted that way anyway, but the number of votes “bought” divided by 64 million is lots of millions per person… follow the money.

      • OWEN jhonson

        lying degenerate NAZI BSTDS, THE WHOLE GOVNT

  • Ron Roy

    We have to inform people ourselves as to what foods contain GMOs. A privately owned grocery store of they would allows signs in he store indicating which grocery items contain GMOs. If there are competing stores that are privately owned the first one to cooperate gets all the business..

    • Lexus Alexander

      Be well informed and select your foods wisely. There are big bucks and government kickbacks to the FDA (proven) as well as shadow government backing for putting pesticides in the genetics of the seeds for depopulation. The shadow government is the Anunnaki Reptilian aliens (fallen angels, demons) that are the controlling force behind our ‘ruling elite’ who are nothing but cowardly puppets.

  • Kay Knott

    There are probably very few products available today that aren’t GMO. This process has been in use for a very long time, probably since people learned how to improve products.

  • michael101

    And the RINO’s wonder why Trump is taking off like a rocket ship…! This is what we get to run our Bought & Paid for Government by Lobbyists…!

  • otoman

    I HOPE that every politician that voted for this bill chokes on the GMO food that he eats.