Dangers Posed by Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Light BulbsIn our zeal to protect the environment, most of us have now replaced our old conventional light bulbs with the new energy efficient models. Unfortunately, we are now learning the new bulbs come with significant health risks. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has actually issued an emergency protocol to be followed if a bulb breaks, as a broken bulb releases twenty times the maximum safe level of mercury into the air.

Energy efficient bulbs are known to cause:

– Dizziness
– Cluster headaches
– Migraines
– Seizures
– Fatigue
– Inability to concentrate
– Anxiety

Because it is a potent neurotoxin, mercury is particularly dangerous to children and pregnant women. It affects the brain, nervous system, liver and kidneys, and can impair the cardiovascular, immune and reproductive systems. Mercury has also been linked to tremors, insomnia, memory loss, anxiety, headaches, and Alzheimer’s disease.

There is also concern the energy efficient light bulbs may contribute to cancer. New research by Peter Braun of Berlin’s Alab Laboratory determined that the bulbs contain the following carcinogens:

– Phenol, which is a slightly acidic toxic white crystalline solid, sourced from coal tar and utilized in chemical manufacture.

– Naphthalene, which is a volatile white crystalline product created by the distillation of coal tar. It is used in the manufacture of mothballs and as a raw material in chemical manufacture.

– Styrene, which is an unsaturated liquid hydrocarbon that is a by-product of petroleum.

The energy efficient light bulbs emit UV rays, including UV-B and traces of UV-C radiation. UV radiation can lead to skin cancer and is dangerous to the eyes. Radiation from the bulbs attacks the immune system, and it interferes with the formation of vitamin D-3 by damaging skin tissue.

Householders are told they are not to put these bulbs in with regular trash, but instead, they are to be treated as hazardous waste. If a bulb is broken inside, all windows and doors in the house are to be left open for 15 minutes to prevent exposure to poisonous gas.

In the near future, consumers will lose the option to purchase the standard, incandescent light bulbs, because they will not be on the market. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) mandates the replacement of all incandescent bulbs with the energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.

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  • aremid

    Why do we always find out these problems after the fact? Why doesn’t anyone do more research before making everyone buy new light bulbs. There was nothing wrong with the old type.

    • LADYL

      because the gov’t doesn’t care. they want what they want no matter who gets hurt.

    • 58proudtobe

      It’s called an energy efficiency tax placed on the cost to manufacture politburo energy efficiency products with “green energy” approved labels. Follow the money…

  • Lynne Webb

    What about LED’s? Any information on them?

    • Michael

      Yes, led lights make a great bright light that works great for my old eyes, but I just returned one that cost over ,$20 that was guaranteed for 5 years and claimed to last over 22 years. This highh priced bulb lasted less than one year. So much for being cost savings.

  • Lorraine E

    The mercury light bulbs which the out of control government is forcing us to use are based upon the LIE that the incandescent bulb is using too much electricity and we need to conserve energy. If conserving energy is the goal, Nikola Tesla’s E.L.F. waves should be developed? That will never happen because with this government it is all about pay offs from the mercury light bulb industry, controlling the sheeple, and charging us more money to make the companies which have contributed the them more wealthy.
    The mercury light bulbs burn my eyes and when I run out of the old incandescent light bulbs I plan to use candles.

    • Big Iron

      The “hoopla” is ALL about the control of energy by the PTB, control the energy and you control the people! Charging the US Citizens (slaves of the United States Corporation) to “change” from incandescent bulbs to to a supposedly more efficient CFL is ONLY more efficient when the CFL is left on as startup consumption of power is very high compared to running consumption. …And disposal costs soar with the resulting release of more toxic mercury vapor into the environment, less than the old style CFLs but still a problem.Creating a safe environment for the people is just a lie to gain ?willing? compliance by the “sheeple”.

      NICOLA TESLA promised the “people” FREE energy and JP Morgan, that evil “minion” (money-minder/not personally as rich as everyone assumed) of the PTB of the period attempted to destroy HIM (TESLA)! …And Morgan very nearly succeeded. Had TESLA been allowed to follow HIS “dream” we would live in a very different world today, a world NOT controlled by the PTB, perhaps, and where energy worked for the benefit of the people, NOT the PTB!

      When the government (controlled by the PTB not the people) says something is for your own good be afraid, …VERY AFRAID!

    • Silver dawn

      I wish the corporate hating ignorant people would stop with this paranoid big oil, big pharma, or any company who they paint as greedy w/screw you motives. Corporations not only are necessary to bring you all the products you demand, but they are run by people who like you who have family’s and don’t produce products that are inherently bad. Take some personal responsibility instead of blaming, suing,& complaining that everything & body is out to get you. Proper disposal of bulbs is your responsibility. If done as directed, they are not a problem at all & do save electricity. Btw most of the corporation haters are the same misguided fools who believe man has caused change in weather. With zero proof. Solar flares from where we get heat in the first place, changes as it has for millions of years. If we have a solar flare up , wouldn’t you think that could cause it? Study some history.

      • Bob Knight

        What you say has some tuth to it but what about the over four times the cost? I thought I had to buy one the other day but found the incadesent bulb and took the high priced one back. This is just more progressive medling.

      • Jamie Hall

        Just another low info sheep, fooled by the establishment.

  • Cdreeder

    they are poisoning us everyday with something to give us cancer. that’s why they wanted to control all health aspects so you will die.
    our government is pure evil

  • Scott Todd

    CFLs have a fraction of the mercury used in the old, straight T-12 fluorescent lamps that have been used in stores and schools for generations. Been in broadcasting long enough to remember PCB components too.

  • Jimbo

    Scientists and our government would have us believe that fluorescent and LED bulbs are so much more efficient than incandescent bulbs, that they will save us from global warming. They point to the heat generated by incandescent bulbs. Yes, incandescent bulbs do generate a little heat. Millions of people will sit under a warm incandescent bulb reading a book, rather than turn up the thermostat when they are cold. With the new bulbs, they will turn up the thermostat on the entire house. Where is the energy savings in that?

    Fluorescent and LED bulbs don’t start up in any applications where it is very cold (like outdoor sheds and unheated crawlspaces). They don’t survive ovens, industrial curing rooms, and any other location that is hotter than a sauna. They don’t survive applications where there is any vibration. Our government will no longer permit US manufacturers to make 60 and 100W incandescent bulbs, their bread and butter. Because of this, it is no longer profitable to keep the production lines open for specialty bulbs for instruments, audio equipment, appliances, etc. I traveled 100 miles in my car, looking for a brass based 40W bulb that would work in my Mom’s oven. No fluorescent or LED bulb would do. Where is the energy savings in burning that much gasoline? Should we buy a new oven, and throw the otherwise perfect old one out? NO! Ovens are made from steel. Steel comes from a mill that uses gobs of energy to make the steel, and roll it to thickness.

    Fluorescent and LED bulbs are 5 to 20X as expensive as incandescent bulbs. The justification for paying this exhorbitant price is the claim that they will last longer. Besides the fact that there is no proof of this, what is the likelihood that the factories that make these bulbs are even going to exist a few years down the road, when you try and get warranty service? They are mostly made in China, and they are taking jobs away from American workers.

  • Jamie Hall

    Ever hear of LED bulbs people? They are gaining a foothold, getting cheaper, and work better not just for longer but also more efficiently than these CFL bulbs that you’re ranting about.

    • Kathy H

      I had head surgery years ago and LED lighting hurts my eyes. The new bulbs suck – I get better light from a match. Bring back the old light bulbs made in USA – not that crappy new lighting from China.

  • conservmrs

    And we keep letting them control EVERY teeny aspect of our lives!!! Will it EVER end????????????