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The Benefits of Barley

One of our most undervalued grains is barley. Research shows that barley regulates blood sugar, and it helps those suffering from a variety of health problems. Its health benefits are attributable to the fact it is a complete protein, as it contains each of the eight essential amino acids. Barley is also an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. You can eat barley in salads, soups, stew and even as a side dish with meat or vegetables. The health benefits of barley include the following: Keeps Colon and…

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Use This Essential Oil for More Than Just the Amazing Scent

Lavender oil smells heavenly, and unless you have access to fresh-cut lavender, the essential oil is the best way to enjoy it. But lavender essential oil is much more than fragrant. It has the ability to support our health in a variety of ways. Here are some of the health benefits of lavender essential oil: Bug Repellent: The smell of lavender essential oil is a potent repellent for mosquitoes, midges, and moths. Apply some of the oil on exposed skin. If you are bitten, the oil has anti-inflammatory properties that…

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Understand and Correct Your Body’s pH Balance

Many health experts now believe an acidic body is an unhealthy body. An acidic environment allows illness, bacteria and yeast to thrive. If the body is too acidic, it will pull minerals from vital organs and bones to neutralize the acid and expel it from the body. When this happens, your reserves of minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium are eroded, and the damage may not be fully realized for years. The American diet is filled with acid forming foods such as dairy, grains, meats and sugar. As…

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The Chemistry of Essential Oils

Essential oils have become increasingly popular. If you decide to use essential oils for health, here is some basic related chemistry it will be helpful to know. First, you should know that therapeutic grade essential oils never contain propylene glycol or petrochemicals. Second, the chemical makeup of any essential oil determines its medicinal properties. Being aware of the chemical constituency of oils facilitates blending them for optimal effect. What are the Main Groups of Compounds in Essential Oils? The two main groups of compounds in essential oils are hydrocarbons and…

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How this Harvard-Trained Doctor Healed Himself

Dr. Akil Palanisamy is a physician who practices integrative medicine, and the author of a new book, The Paleovedic Diet: A Complete Program to Burn Fat, Increase Energy, and Reverse Disease.┬áHis interest in holistic health grew out years of struggle with his own health issues. Palanisamy was graduating from Harvard and had been accepted to medical school at University of California, San Francisco, when he starting having pain in his wrist and numbness and tingling in his arms. The pain was diagnosed as repetitive strain injury (RSI). He was prescribed…

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5 Top Benefits of Drinking Lots of Water

As Americans have become more health conscious, detoxification has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Health food stores, drug stores, and Internet sites offer all kinds of products that promise to remove toxins from the body. Many of them are very expensive; a simple “detox drink” can cost as much as $10. Many of these products do not work as advertised. Some can actually do harm. All this is frustrating to genuine health experts, who know the truth. Real results are available with something you already have on hand, and for…

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5 Ways to Protect Your Energy

Human beings are social creatures. Even introverts need to feel they are a valuable part of a social group, and we are inevitably influenced by others in our group. If you are surrounded by upbeat, happy people, you are likely to share that attitude. But if you are surrounded by negative people, people who complain or backbite or are always pessimistic, it is hard to maintain your own sense of hope and optimism. Empathy is the ability to feel the feelings of another person, as though we were standing in…

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What You Need to Know About Thrombosis

Thrombosis is a poorly understood condition that can have a major health impact, so it is important to know the basics. When there is an injury to a blood vessel, the body forms a blood clot to stop the loss of blood. To do this, the body uses platelets (also called thrombocytes) and fibrin. Sometimes the body forms blood clots even when there is no known injury, which reduces or blocks of the flow of blood through the body into the areas they serve. Thrombosis is the name of the…

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10 Reasons to Avoid the Flu Shot

Every Fall, Americans are subject to the annual onslaught of encouragement to be inoculated against influenza. The pressure continues through Spring, by which time more than half of U.S. citizens will have received the flu shot. Many of these people suffer adverse health consequences from the inoculation, because the flu shot is more dangerous than you have been led to believe. Here are ten reasons to avoid the flu vaccine: 1. The vaccine is ineffective. Each year’s supply of vaccine is created months ahead of flu season, based on a…

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Do These 5 Things Every Day to Feel Young and Vibrant

Anti-aging is a huge business throughout the world. People are either trying to stave off the normal aging process by spending a fortune on creams, pills, surgery and makeup, or they have surrendered to the belief that illness, weight gain, and sagging skin are inevitable side effects of getting older. Many of us move into our fifties and beyond exhausted from working hard and getting our children launched. Many of us are overweight. If you want to have a healthy life in your fifties, sixties and beyond, there are five…

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