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Don’t Overthink Your Diet Plan, Say Experts

Most of us who need to lose weight are somewhat intimidated by the idea of choosing a diet plan. Should we count calories? Should we try eating raw? Should we go low-carb, or no carb? Vegetarian or vegan, or gluten free? We often end up spending weeks or months just deciding the best route to take to our weight loss goals. Now a new study suggests it really doesn’t matter. The study was conducted at the Durham, North Carolina Veterans Administration Medical Center. Researchers found that in the long term,…

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Are You Doing This for Your Asthma?

If you have moderate to severe asthma and are currently treating it with drugs alone, a new study may offer you additional relief. According to the study conducted by researchers at the University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine in Brazil, regular aerobic exercise can be more effective in controlling symptoms than a drug regimen alone. In the study led by Dr. Celso Carvalho, participants were randomly assigned to a three-month course of exercise on a treadmill. Those participants exhibited improvement in two areas of asthma that make breathing difficult:…

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How Nature Walks Change Your Brain

The majority of people now live in cities, and spend much less time enjoying nature than people did in previous generations. Research shows urban dwellers are at higher risk for anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses, compared to people living in rural environments. Now a new study has proven that walking in nature actually changes your brain. A growing body of research has demonstrated that residents of cities who have limited access to green spaces have higher levels of psychological problems than people who live near parks. Other research shows…

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Nuts May Be a Key to Longer Life

We have known for some time that nuts are a healthy food. Now a new study reveals this high-protein snack may be the key to living longer by preventing many chronic diseases. Research published in the International Journal of Epidemiology shows eating at least ten grams of nuts or peanuts daily is associated with a lower rate of death from respiratory disease, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Nut butters, however, did not offer the same protection. Researchers examined data from 120,00 male and female…

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Thyroid-Related Fatigue

Fatigue is a growing problem among Americans. Some may be a product of working too much and too many hours. Some may be attributable to adrenal burnout or fibromyalgia, or other medical issues. Some is certainly caused by thyroid malfunction. How do you tell the difference? Thyroid-related fatigue shows itself when you find it difficult to sustain energy compared to your previous level of fitness and endurance. If your thyroid is not functioning properly, it is difficult to sustain energy output. You’ll feel as though you just don’t enough energy…

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What You Must Know About GMOs

GMOs, genetically modified organisms, are produced through genetic engineering. Their genetic makeup has been changed to include new and unique traits, such as, in the case of seeds, resistance to drought and increased yield. Proponents of genetic engineering say the process is safe and beneficial to the agricultural industry as well as consumers. Opponents of GMOs are vociferous in their belief that genetic engineering is dangerous to the environment and to people. They cite human studies showing genes inserted into genetically modified soy, for example, can migrate into the DNA…

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8 Ways to Love Apple Cider Vinegar

Health enthusiasts have a special place in their hearts for apple cider vinegar, often affectionately called ACV. The raw, unfiltered variety is made from fermented organic apples, and at the bottom of the bottle you’ll see a little cloud called “the mother.” (Bragg’s is one popular brand, but there are several others.) Apple cider vinegar is rich in essential enzymes, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. Here are eight ways to love it: 1. As an aid to digestion – Our bodies produce hydrochloric acid (HCL) as a component of our…

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Beer Helps with Post-Exercise Hydration

Which would you prefer after a long workout: a sports drink or a beer with friends? Researchers in Australia have published a new study that shows the beer may actually be a good choice. Just make sure to choose a beer with a low alcohol, high sodium content. Ben Densbrow, Ph.D. is an associate professor at Griffith University. He and his research team designed a trial with twelve male athletes whose nutrition and fitness levels were rated average prior to each visit. Each phase of the trial included a bout…

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Is Organic Really Better?

Is the superiority of organic food just a marketing ploy, or is organic really better for you? Scientists at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom recently completed the largest study of its kind, and they have a verdict: Organic food is, in fact, more nutritious than food grown conventionally. The scientists at Newcastle reviewed 343 studies that compared conventional to organically grown food. They found that organic grains, fruits and vegetables are higher in nutrition, and therefore better for you. The reviewers noted that the quality of studies has improved…

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