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What You Must Know About GMOs

GMOs, genetically modified organisms, are produced through genetic engineering. Their genetic makeup has been changed to include new and unique traits, such as, in the case of seeds, resistance to drought and increased yield. Proponents of genetic engineering say the process is safe and beneficial to the agricultural industry as well as consumers. Opponents of GMOs are vociferous in their belief that genetic engineering is dangerous to the environment and to people. They cite human studies showing genes inserted into genetically modified soy, for example, can migrate into the DNA…

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8 Ways to Love Apple Cider Vinegar

Health enthusiasts have a special place in their hearts for apple cider vinegar, often affectionately called ACV. The raw, unfiltered variety is made from fermented organic apples, and at the bottom of the bottle you’ll see a little cloud called “the mother.” (Bragg’s is one popular brand, but there are several others.) Apple cider vinegar is rich in essential enzymes, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. Here are eight ways to love it: 1. As an aid to digestion – Our bodies produce hydrochloric acid (HCL) as a component of our…

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Beer Helps with Post-Exercise Hydration

Which would you prefer after a long workout: a sports drink or a beer with friends? Researchers in Australia have published a new study that shows the beer may actually be a good choice. Just make sure to choose a beer with a low alcohol, high sodium content. Ben Densbrow, Ph.D. is an associate professor at Griffith University. He and his research team designed a trial with twelve male athletes whose nutrition and fitness levels were rated average prior to each visit. Each phase of the trial included a bout…

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Is Organic Really Better?

Is the superiority of organic food just a marketing ploy, or is organic really better for you? Scientists at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom recently completed the largest study of its kind, and they have a verdict: Organic food is, in fact, more nutritious than food grown conventionally. The scientists at Newcastle reviewed 343 studies that compared conventional to organically grown food. They found that organic grains, fruits and vegetables are higher in nutrition, and therefore better for you. The reviewers noted that the quality of studies has improved…

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Celery Offers Extensive Health Benefits

Most of us think of celery as a low-calorie salad vegetable, rather than a foundational staple of a health-focused diet plan. But recent research has demonstrated the anti-inflammatory benefits of celery, as well as the protection it offers against inflammation in the human digestive tract. Equally importantly, celery appears to support cardiovascular health and optimal blood pressure. Celery has unique non-starch polysaccharides, including apiuman, that have particular importance in preventing inflammation. Other plants use starchy polysaccharides to store simple sugars, while the non-starch variety in celery are comprised of pectins…

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Parents Trusted This Brand to Help Keep Kids Safe, What They’ve Just Been Found Guilty of Will Shock You

Parents expect that drug companies who make products specifically for younger children are following the best practices and procedures available to ensure their children’s safety. After all, they know their young children are highly susceptible to environmental toxins, bacteria, and disease, so if they’re going to have their children take any kinds of medicines, they expect those medicines will have been made with great attention to detail. However that doesn’t really look like it’s true, at least all the time. In an ironic twist, a pharmaceutical company has been found…

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Your Desk Job May Be Worse for You than You Know

You may have heard that “sitting is the new smoking.” “The enzymes in blood vessels of muscles responsible for ‘fat burning’ are shut off within hours of not standing…. Standing and moving lightly will re-engage the enzymes, but since people are awake 16 hours a day, it stands to reason that when people sit much of that time, they are losing the opportunity for optimal metabolism throughout the day.” An NIH analysis of past studies confirms that sitting too much increases the risk of “hospitalizations, all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, diabetes,…

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New Research Confirms Safe, Effective, Natural Alternative to Anti-depressants

According to the most recent depression statistics from the CDC, 1 in 20 Americans age 12 and older report current depression. The pharmaceutical industry claims that more than 20 percent of Americans take some sort of prescribed mood or mind-altering medication. Two new studies have revealed very good evidence that the spice, saffron, may offer an effective alternative to anti-depressants. A report published this year analyzed data from six different studies that all tested saffron for use with depression. This “meta-analysis” reported promising results: “In the placebo-comparison trials, saffron had…

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New Study – Natural Cure Helps Smokers Quit

You may be familiar with the many benefits of fish oil. Eating fatty fishes like Wild Alaskan Salmon, Arctic Char, Atlantic Mackerel, Sardines, Black Cod, Anchovies, Farmed Rainbow Trout, Albacore Tuna, Pacific Halibut, as well as oysters and mussels may help with many common health issues: May help lower cholesterol, tryglicerides, LDLs and blood pressure, while increasing HDL. May help to break up clots before they damage to the heart or brain. May help prevent breast, colon, and prostate cancers. May help regulate inflammation. May improve memory, reasoning, and the…

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