Can Dancing Change Our Brains?

Can dancing the tango improve the way your brain functions? A non-profit organization in New York has shown the answer is “Yes.” Dance for PD® works with people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Because Parkinson’s is a disorder of the brain, and the structure of the brain constantly changes, some people wondered if something as simple as dance could change the brain of Parkinson’s patients. They asked the Mark Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn to create a program for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The program began in 2001, and now, almost…

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Sleep Well Tonight

Doctors estimate that 30 percent of people sometimes have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Insomnia can be a frustrating problem, and extended periods of sleeplessness can cause physical problems, including an inability to focus, poor concentration, memory problems, disorientation and impaired coordination, mood swings and irritability, and increased vulnerability to accidents. If you have persistent insomnia, see our physician for a checkup to address any underlying medical condition. Although there are over-the-counter medications and sleeping pills, these just suppress the symptoms without actually solving the problem. For less severe…

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The Most Efficient Exercise Isn’t What You’d Think

When people set out to establish an exercise routine, many of them do it to lose a few pounds. On the other hand there are those who do it because they want to get in shape and want to experience better health. And still others want to get stronger so they can accomplish physical tasks in their day to day life. Whatever the reason for working out, many people know if they go and “do the darn thing” a few times  a week they’ll eventually reach their goals. The problem is many…

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No Time for Exercise? How About a Full-Body Workout in 30 Seconds?

If you haven’t tried planking, you may be missing out on the most efficient exercise you could do. We’re not talking about the fad of hanging out in odd places imitating an ironing board. “Planking,” as an exercise, is not even in the same position as the fad. Planking is raising yourself from a prone position to hold your weight on your elbows and the balls of your feet. Research shows it is an extremely effective core exercise. Pennsylvania State University published a study that showed forearm plank exercises result…

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Find Out If You’re 1 Hormone Shy of a Good Night’s Rest

One of the most agonizing things Americans suffer from is a poor night’s rest. It’s estimated nearly 60 million Americans struggle to get a good night’s sleep. It’s really not a surprise either. Many of us have jobs that keep us more stressed out than we should be. That and the advent of electricity keeps us up way later than our ancestors we now have a litany of new sleep problems. One reason so many people struggle to sleep well is because of a lack of melatonin. Melatonin is literally the…

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Why Everyone Needs to Add Acetyl-L-Carnitine to Their Diet Today

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and proteins are what give your body form, function, and structure One of the most important is Acetyl L Carnitine. This amino acid is formed from amino acids in your liver and your kidneys and brain and it can be found in virtually every cell inside of your body.  To say it’s an important element for life would be an understatement. The truth is L-Carnitine (the acetyl portion refers to the supplement form) has been shown to have a variety of positive effects on…

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The Amazing Compound Found in Milk Can Seriously Change Your Life

Whey protein comes from cow’s milk and is one of nature’s most efficient proteins. Its ability to provide you with essential amino acids means it’s an essential building block for the synthesis of protein and transforming it into muscle.  Since it’s low in fat, low in sugar, and low in calories, whey is a perfect supplement or all out meal replacement. Why helps to reduce glucose absorption which keeps insulin levels steady and will help prevent hunger pangs after a meal. Since protein is a dense material, your body requires…

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This Powerful Libido Boosting Hormone is Affordable and Effective

It doesn’t matter what age you are (well, unless you’re under 18) if you’ve been curious to know what might boost your sex-drive you’ve likely heard testosterone and estrogen supplementation can do the trick. Surprisingly there’s one other supplement that can help out in this area of interest as well. DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone your body uses to produce other hormones (such as testosterone and estrogen). The benefits that DHEA supplementation produce are extensive. Namely when you have adequate amounts of DHEA in your body it makes it…

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