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5 More Great Fat-Burning Supplements

In our last article, we discussed the value of including supplements in your nutritional and exercise regimen. These supplements can be taken individually, or you can find a combination supplement that incorporates them. Here are five more excellent fat-burning supplements: 1. Olea Europaea Extract – Olea Europaea is the scientific name for olive leaf extract, of which the chemical oleuropian is the most important active ingredient. Oleuropian is an antioxidant that boosts your immune system and raises norepinephrine levels, both of which increase calories burned by your body. Recommended dosage…

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5 Supplements That Burn Fat

If you’re an avid exerciser, you may be familiar with this problem. You hit the gym regularly, and you know you’re strengthening and sculpting your abs. But it’s hard to show the world, because a little layer of fat hides those hard-earned gains. If you want to drop that those last few pounds of fat, or if you’re dealing with an even bigger problem, consider fat-burning supplements. Here are five of the best fat burning aids. You can use them individually, or purchase a supplement that combines them. 1. Caffeine…

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How Toxic Is Your Body?

Every year, Americans are exposed to 2.5 billion pounds of toxic chemicals, and 6 million pounds of mercury. Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, 80,000 toxic chemicals have been released into the environment. Most of them have not been evaluated in terms of their impact on human health, and for the ones that have, the results are disturbing. The Environmental Working Group says the average newborn baby arrives in the world with 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord – so imagine how many chemicals may be…

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9 Things to Know About Postpartum Depression

A well-known Hollywood star recently checked into a facility that treats postpartum depression, bringing much-needed attention to this critical issue. Postpartum depression is real, and it requires treatment. Frequently, however, shame keeps new mothers, and their families, from seeking help. Here are nine facts to know about postpartum depression: 1. Postpartum depression is not the “baby blues.” Approximately 80 percent of women experience the baby blues during the first week or two after giving birth. They feel worried, tired, sad and often overwhelmed. But true postpartum depression is much more…

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A Navy SEAL’s Morning Routine

How do you start your day? Many people wake up and take a look at their smartphone. They check email and social media, then roll out of bed and start the coffee brewing. Perhaps they have a high-sugar cereal or a sweet roll for breakfast while watching television. By the time they shower, dress and head out for work, they have squandered a lot of their energy reserves and capacity for focus. Mark Divine, a former navy SEAL commander and bestselling author, believes their is a better way. He says…

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7 Ways to Detox (Without Juicing)

Our bodies are healthiest when we provide support with gentle detoxing. You probably know juicing is one great detox strategy, but there are others that are simple, effective, and enjoyable. Here are seven ways to detox that don’t involve juicing: 1. Choose foods without chemicals. The standard American diet includes pesticides, preservatives, processed oils, artificial flavors and colors, and other chemical additives. Buy organic as often as possible, and shop local at farmer’s markets. 2. Invest in a water filter. Tap water is often loaded with compounds like chlorine and…

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5 Big Health Myths

When we talk about health, we often emphasize eating good food and getting regular exercise. But in a recent article in MindBodyGreen.com, life and happiness coach Alicia Melgoza writes that being healthy also encompasses our “emotional, mental, relational and spiritual well-being.” She cites what she calls the five big health myths, and she recommends better ways to live a healthy, happy life: Myth #1: Fitness comes first. The truth: Research has shown that social ties and relationships may be more critical to our health than exercise. Try planning your workouts…

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Sleep Well to Lose Weight

If you, like so many Americans, are attempting to lose weight, you are undoubtedly focused on some important lifestyle changes. You’ve modified your diet and you are exercising, perhaps walking or working out in a gym. You may be reminding yourself to drink more water. But have you considered the vital role that sleep plays in weight loss? No matter how consistent you are with your diet and exercise regimen, you are unlikely to achieve success unless you are getting ample sleep. Most people need eight hours a night, but…

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Are You Doing This for Your Asthma?

If you have moderate to severe asthma and are currently treating it with drugs alone, a new study may offer you additional relief. According to the study conducted by researchers at the University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine in Brazil, regular aerobic exercise can be more effective in controlling symptoms than a drug regimen alone. In the study led by Dr. Celso Carvalho, participants were randomly assigned to a three-month course of exercise on a treadmill. Those participants exhibited improvement in two areas of asthma that make breathing difficult:…

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Beer Helps with Post-Exercise Hydration

Which would you prefer after a long workout: a sports drink or a beer with friends? Researchers in Australia have published a new study that shows the beer may actually be a good choice. Just make sure to choose a beer with a low alcohol, high sodium content. Ben Densbrow, Ph.D. is an associate professor at Griffith University. He and his research team designed a trial with twelve male athletes whose nutrition and fitness levels were rated average prior to each visit. Each phase of the trial included a bout…

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