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Can Gray Hair Be Reversed?

gray hairIt’s natural for hair to turn gray or white as you age, but if you are finding grays sooner than you expected, it may be offering you clues to a problem with your health. Prematurely gray hair is often associated with celiac disease, endocrine imbalance or pernicious anemia.

Nutrition plays a role in all these conditions. In assessing nutritional deficiencies, health experts consider three things: diet, toxic load, and the ability to assimilate nutrients (gut health).

A healthy diet is the foundation of your good health. The best diet is one that consists of 80 percent or more fresh, organic vegetables and some fruits. An easy way to pack in lots of nutrition is to eat one large salad per day filled with a wide variety of vegetables. This type of whole foods diet provides the fuel your body needs to repair itself, and the prebiotics that ensure gut health and ongoing detoxification.

Avoid processed food such as artificial flavors, colors and preservatives, MSG, genetically engineered foods, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and refined sugar. Moderate your intake of caffeine. Choose foods rich in omega-3s and lots of pure water.

If your body is toxic, diet can only do so much. We are constantly bombarded with environmental contaminants, including plastics, heavy metals, vaccines, dental filings, pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals. To support detoxification, include raw garlic and cilantro in your daily diet, along with lots of pure water.

Because so much of our health begins in our intestines, gut health is critical. An inflamed gut may be indicative of leaky gut syndrome, caused by gluten and Candida degrading the biofilm that lines the gut. Candida can actually cause holes in healthy tissue, and proteins and other substances then leak into the bloodstream rather than being digested. This process is often responsible for allergies, autoimmune disorders and other diseases. If your gut is compromised, you lose the ability to absorb critical nutrients.

Whether or not your healthy diet, a detox regimen, and supplements will reverse those gray hairs, they will definitely improve your overall health. Try adding folic acid to your diet; like other B vitamins, folic acid works best in concern with the whole vitamin B complex. In addition, take a high-quality vitamin and mineral supplement. If you are experienced any hair loss or unexpected graying, check with a healthcare provider who is familiar with gluten, Candida, Leaky Gut Syndrome and hypothyroidism.

A healthy diet, a thorough detox, and the right supplements may not result in darkened hair, but there is no doubt these changes will result in greater health. If you choose to supplement B-12 or folic acid, it is best to take a vitamin B complex. B vitamins work together. Be sure to choose a high-quality vitamin/mineral supplement. If you’re suddenly experiencing rapid hair loss or graying, look at Gluten, Candida, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Hypothyroidism.

Meanwhile, you might try a time-honored remedy for thinning and graying hair, onion juice. Onions contain high levels of sulphur and other compounds known to fight infection, kill parasites and fungal infections. All of these can cause hair loss. Onions also remove any buildup of hydrogen peroxide and reduce inflammation. At the same time, they provide enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that help hair follicles regenerate.

You can use a juicer or just crush the onion. Apply the onion juice to your scalp every day. Lightly massage it in and leave the juice on the scalp for half an hour to an hour. A small amount is all that’s necessary.

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