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7 Surprising Foods That May Cause Cancer

When you think about what you’re going to make for dinner, you’re probably mostly concerned with how long your meal will take to prepare and the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. But, experts say it’s a good idea to be mindful of what we’re putting in our bodies, and the potential health risks of certain foods. What you eat affects more than just your energy levels and how you feel in the short-term, and there are a number of foods that can potentially increase your risk of cancer. If you’re…

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The 10 Worst Foods for Aging, According to a Health Expert

Fast Food You don’t need me to go into more detail about fast foods. Avoid ’em. Hydrogenated Fats As we all know by now, these fats must be avoided because they cause heart disease. They’ve been used for years in snack foods, bakery items and margarine. Avoid buying cookies, crackers, baked goods or anything else that has hydrogenated oil or trans-fats on the ingredients list. Chefs would rather starve than eat these particular brunch foods. Olestra Olestra is a synthetic fat used to make non-fat potato chips and other snacks. You’d think, with…

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