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7 Ways to Detox (Without Juicing)

Our bodies are healthiest when we provide support with gentle detoxing. You probably know juicing is one great detox strategy, but there are others that are simple, effective, and enjoyable. Here are seven ways to detox that don’t involve juicing:

1. Choose foods without chemicals.

The standard American diet includes pesticides, preservatives, processed oils, artificial flavors and colors, and other chemical additives. Buy organic as often as possible, and shop local at farmer’s markets.

2. Invest in a water filter.

Tap water is often loaded with compounds like chlorine and fluoride, chemicals that destroy intestinal flora and upset our endocrine system. Clean water helps our bodies hydrate and eliminate waste effectively, because our systems are not loaded down with chemicals.

3. Try skin brushing.

Skin brushing is a daily massage that feels amazing! Use a gentle brush to slough off dead skin cells, making it possible for your skin to breathe better, feel fresh, and look vibrant and glowing.

The best time to brush skin is just before a shower, so you can wash away dead skin cells and dirt. Brush in a clockwise circular motion; start at your feet and move towards the heart. This supports detoxification and circulation.

4. Get your digestive system moving.

Most of the waste generated by our bodies is eliminated through our bowels, so your body functions best when your bowels move daily. Keep things moving by consuming plenty of water and fiber from fruits and vegetables. Get plenty of exercise, as well, and relax. Your colon is constructed of muscle tissue, and if you are tense, your colon may be, as well.

5. Practice deep breathing.

Most people breath in short, shallow breaths, and we are largely unaware of our breathing patterns. Learn how to breathe deeply, which cleanses and detoxifies the lungs, distributes energizing oxygen to the tissues of our bodies, and reduces stress.

Begin with 10 slow, deep, long breaths. Take “breathing breaks” throughout the day, and over time, increase the number of breaths. Start in the morning; stand straight, loosen and drop your shoulders, and take in a few full, deep breaths.

6. Clean up your personal products.

Many of the beauty and personal products we use every day are filled with toxic chemicals that can disrupt our hormones. Be aware of the products you use, and begin replacing them, one by one, with chemical-free, non-toxic versions. You might begin with toothpaste or deodorant. Women use more personal products than men, an average of a dozen each day.

7. Laugh hard.

Of course it is important to detoxify our bodies, but it equally vital to our health to detox our minds. Laughter is the best way to do that. It reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. Make sure you have fun in your life, and laugh every day.

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