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5 Top Benefits of Drinking Lots of Water

WaterAs Americans have become more health conscious, detoxification has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Health food stores, drug stores, and Internet sites offer all kinds of products that promise to remove toxins from the body. Many of them are very expensive; a simple “detox drink” can cost as much as $10.

Many of these products do not work as advertised. Some can actually do harm. All this is frustrating to genuine health experts, who know the truth. Real results are available with something you already have on hand, and for most of us, it is free.


You can’t live without it. You can’t be healthy without drinking a lot of it.

In Japan, people drink water first thing in the morning. They call it water therapy, and they believe it treats a multitude of ailments from headaches to arthritis.

To use water therapy, drink 1.5 liters of water (that’s about five or six glasses) upon awakening. Wait an hour to have breakfast. Avoid drinking alcohol late the night before.

If you are trying to lose weight, detoxifying your body is one of your best weapons. Drink substantial amounts of water, and the toxins leave your body through your bowels. Also, we often mistake thirst for hunger, and an adequate intake of water keeps hunger at bay.

Here are the top five benefits of drinking water:

1. Water cleans you from the inside in the same way washing your body cleans the outside. Staying hydrated makes you smell good.

2.  Drinking water helps prevent certain cancers, including bladder cancer. A high fluid intake, particularly water, also guards against colon and breast cancer.

3.  It’s good for your mental health. Dehydration depresses your mood, although you may not have noticed the relationship. Doctors estimate that many headaches are caused by depression, and headache pain impacts your mood.

4.  Water helps prevent hangovers. When you are out drinking, have a glass of water for every shot of alcohol, and drink water throughout the following day. It’s also a good idea to eat prior to drinking

5. Water is essential for muscle strength, so drinking water keeps you strong.

After air, water is the substance the human body most urgently needs. Drink enough to keep your body functioning in peak condition.


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