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5 Reasons You Should Enjoy Miso Soup Every Day

Miso soupHot soup is a traditional winter meal, but you may want to consider a new kind of soup, one that contains miso. This all purpose Japanese seasoning can turn a simple soup into a powerful health boost. In Japanese culture, miso has been enjoyed on a daily basis throughout history, and it is highly-regarded for its store of friendly bacteria, essential amino acids, digestive enzymes, vitamins and absorbable proteins. It is considered a powerful treatment for many diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Miso is described by Dr. Shinichiro Akizuki, Director of St. Francis Hospital in Nagasaki, as part of the highest class of medicines, because it prevents disease and strengthens health over time with ongoing consumption.

Here are five reasons you should enjoy miso soup every day:

1. It boosts the immune system. Like all fermented foods, miso increases the population of beneficial microflora in the digestive tract. Miso is also a natural antacid that reduces digestive upset, and its good microbes help support an effective immune system.

2. Miso protects against harmful effects of radiation. We are all exposed to radiation every day, through the use of electronic devices, medical tests, and radon in buildings. However, Japanese research conducted over 25 years found miso is effective in prevention radiation-caused cancers, and made into a paste, it even helps heal radiation burns.

3. It helps prevent breast cancer. Miso contains soy isoflavones that help prevent breast cancer, according to the Japan Public Health Center-Based Prospective Study on Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases.

4. It protects against colon cancer and intestinal disease. People suffering from Crohn’s disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) may find their symptoms relieved by consuming miso. A study published in the June 2013 issue of the Journal of Toxicologic Pathology demonstrated laboratory animals fed miso fermented for three months did not experience precancerous changes or colon cancer although they were exposed to a carcinogen.

5. It protects against the effects of smoking. Japanese smokers have used miso to quickly remove nicotine from their bodies.

Miso is not required to have an expiration date on the label, as it is not considered perishable. For that reason, miso is an excellent food to keep in long-term storage.

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