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5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Tap Water Today

12558165_sOne of the biggest differences between the developing world and the civilized world is the ready access we have to clean water.

In America it’s assumed safe to drink water from the tap. Unlike much of the world, drinking tap water here doesn’t pose an immediate risk of contracting a life threatening disease like diphtheria, cholera, e.coli, and more.

But that doesn’t mean our water supplies are 100% safe.

In fact, it’s true our water supplies are actually unsafe to drink.

The reason why?

Tap water is full of toxic chemicals that are known to cause severe health problems.

The main difference between our water supplies and those of third world countries is the health problems that come from consuming tap water take years to develop, not days.

Take a look at 5 of the top reason to stop drinking water today and see if these change your perceptions on how safe tap water really is.

  • Tap Water Contains Toxic Chlorine: While you might think it’s OK to have chlorine in your water that really isn’t true at all.Chlorine is used as a disinfectant, as well as to help de-odorize our water supplies.The problem here is chlorine is known to cause several different types of cancer, contributes to birth-defects in children, and can prematurely age the skin. The truth is even though there are regulations on how much chlorine is acceptable in city water supplies, there really is no acceptable level as your body was never designed to have this chemical filter through it every single day.
  • Tap Water Contains Pharmaceutical Drugs:  As much of our tap water is only recycled urine, it stands to reason that microscopic traces of pharmaceuticals end up back in the water you drink. Many of these drugs are mood altering, hormone altering, and can interact negatively with other prescription drugs. With constant exposure to trace pharmaceuticals the very sensitive structure of our DNA can be warped, causing huge problems for health down the road.
  • Tap Water Contains Fluoride: Fluoride is  not healthy by any stretch of the imagination. The exact chemical make up of fluoride is hydrofluorocilicic acid, which is in fact a class 4 hazardous waste substance that is ILLEGAL to dump in the environment. There are also no known studies that show fluoride consumption helps to prevent tooth decay. In fact according to fluoridealert.org the chemical is responsible for numerous health ailments including cancer, arthritis, neurotoxicity and more. That it’s placed in the water on a daily basis is one of the most questionable, and most disturbing aspects of drinking tap water.
  • Contains Lead, and Other Heavy Metals: Because many of the pipes that are used to transport tap water are so old, and were constructed before research was available, there is an extended risk of consuming harsh, toxic metals with every glass of tap water. One of the most problematic is lead, which is found on drinking supplies all across the nation. Lead has been associated with brain damage, and is one of the more problematic heavy metals. There’s a long list of other toxic heavy metals in tap water, but suffice to say if you want to avoid toxic metal build-up, you should move away from tap water.
  • Hexavalent Chromium: Collective Evolution says this this about Hexavelent Chromium ” An Environmental Working Group report revealed that hexavalent chromium, a chemical identified as “probably carcinogen by the EPA,” is present in high concentrations in 31 U.S. cities.[6] If you are unaware of this chemical, it was made famous by the movie, Erin Brockovitch, which chronicled the truth story battle against Pacific Gas and Electric for contaminating the water in an area of Southern California. The chemical poisoned thousands of people yet there are still no regulations for hexavalent chromium in drinking water.”

And that’s just 5 of the reasons to stop drinking tap water.

If you’d like to learn more about what’s in you water and how to protect yourself the video below is suggested for viewing.

Click the pictures to view the video.

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