Get to Sleep in Under a Minute

Having trouble getting to sleep? Here’s a simple exercise that can have you nodding off in under a minute. Famous health expert Dr. Andrew Weil is promoting a breathing technique he calls 4-7-8, a yogic practice he says alters your body’s physiology and state of mind. It may be the easiest and least expensive way around to reach deep relaxation and fall asleep quickly. How to Perform the 4-7-8 Breathing Technique: Assume a position that is comfortable for you, whether you are sitting, standing or lying down. If you are…

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10 Ways to Use Lemons as Medicine

Lemons have been cultivated in China and India for 2,500 years. They are delicious for use in cooking and well-known as cleaning agents. In addition, lemons have always been used as medicine. Here are some of their best known medicinal applications: 1. Improve Skin Hyper-Pigmentation Lemons contain citric acid, which has natural skin lightening properties. To make a lightening mask to treat dark spots, apply one teaspoon each of lemon juice, yogurt, and honey to the skin once a day for 20 minutes. Results appear slowly, but over time you…

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Can Dancing Change Our Brains?

Can dancing the tango improve the way your brain functions? A non-profit organization in New York has shown the answer is “Yes.” Dance for PD® works with people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Because Parkinson’s is a disorder of the brain, and the structure of the brain constantly changes, some people wondered if something as simple as dance could change the brain of Parkinson’s patients. They asked the Mark Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn to create a program for people diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The program began in 2001, and now, almost…

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How Stress Feeds Cancer Cells

For years, researchers have suspected a close causal relationship between stress and the development of cancer. We know that stress causes hormonal reactions that can potentially affect the development of malignant cells, but no direct cause and affect link has been proven. Now new research proves that once cancer is developing inside the body, stress biochemically helps it grow. The study, headed by Dr. George Kulik, associate professor of cancer biology at Wake Forest University, Baptist Medical Center, observed the effects of stress on prostate cancer in two mouse models.…

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How Chia Seeds Can Help You Lose Weight

Are you looking for a healthy, natural way to lose weight? You might try including chia seeds in your diet plan. Chia seeds have two properties that make them highly effective for weight loss: appetite suppression and energy increase. Chia seeds suppress hunger in three ways. First, they absorb liquid, bulking up and making you feel fuller. Second, they are digested slowly, and third, they are rich in nutrients, which helps you avoid cravings. Since weight loss happens when your energy output exceeds your caloric intake, chia seeks works on…

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Is Organic Really Better?

Is the superiority of organic food just a marketing ploy, or is organic really better for you? Scientists at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom recently completed the largest study of its kind, and they have a verdict: Organic food is, in fact, more nutritious than food grown conventionally. The scientists at Newcastle reviewed 343 studies that compared conventional to organically grown food. They found that organic grains, fruits and vegetables are higher in nutrition, and therefore better for you. The reviewers noted that the quality of studies has improved…

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Are You Including This Excellent Protein Source in Your Diet?

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to take advantage of the high quality protein available from beans. With beans, you can get the protein your body requires without having to worry about harmful saturated or trans fats you may get from animal food sources. Beans are easy to incorporate into your diet. You can serve them in an omelet, toss them chilled into a salad, roll them up in a whole-wheat tortilla, or just include them in your meal as a tasty side dish. The Centers for Disease Control…

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Celery Offers Extensive Health Benefits

Most of us think of celery as a low-calorie salad vegetable, rather than a foundational staple of a health-focused diet plan. But recent research has demonstrated the anti-inflammatory benefits of celery, as well as the protection it offers against inflammation in the human digestive tract. Equally importantly, celery appears to support cardiovascular health and optimal blood pressure. Celery has unique non-starch polysaccharides, including apiuman, that have particular importance in preventing inflammation. Other plants use starchy polysaccharides to store simple sugars, while the non-starch variety in celery are comprised of pectins…

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Healthy Eating Tips for a Buffet

When you’re watching your diet, buffets are a two-edged sword. You can be pretty confident there will be lots of healthy dishes on hand, but it’s also a sure bet there will be temptation! Here are some tips for managing the situation. First, if possible, seat yourself at a table far away from the food. If you can’t see the food, and can’t see other people serving themselves, you will be less tempted. Also, the farther away you are, the more likely you won’t be able to smell the food,…

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