What The Makers of Infant’s Tylenol Were Found Guilty of Doing to Children Is Horrifying

If there’s ever been a doubt that huge companies are often out for profit over health, then this story should help confirm the suspicion. Apparently the makers of  Infant’s Tylenol and Children’s Motrin knowingly included toxic metals in their products. What makes this especially horrifying is the inclusion of these metals is much more deadly when given to children who don’t yet have detoxification systems that can help them purge these deadly elements from  their bodies. Meaning the decision to sell these products could have lifelong affects on these young…

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If You Have Stomach Troubles Knowing What FODMAPS Is Could Help

You’ve likely never heard of FODMAPS. Chances are you will in the near future, and that’s because FODMAPS is the new “Gluten Free.” Or it could be. The reason the Gluten Free diet exploded in popularity is because many people who switched to it began to feel better. Their symptoms of bloating, gas, diarrhea, mind fog, etc. began to go away. But this wasn’t true of all people who went gluten free. Some ditched the gluten and still felt terrible, and they didn’t know why. The reason might be they…

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No Time for Exercise? How About a Full-Body Workout in 30 Seconds?

If you haven’t tried planking, you may be missing out on the most efficient exercise you could do. We’re not talking about the fad of hanging out in odd places imitating an ironing board. “Planking,” as an exercise, is not even in the same position as the fad. Planking is raising yourself from a prone position to hold your weight on your elbows and the balls of your feet. Research shows it is an extremely effective core exercise. Pennsylvania State University published a study that showed forearm plank exercises result…

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New Study – Natural Cure Helps Smokers Quit

You may be familiar with the many benefits of fish oil. Eating fatty fishes like Wild Alaskan Salmon, Arctic Char, Atlantic Mackerel, Sardines, Black Cod, Anchovies, Farmed Rainbow Trout, Albacore Tuna, Pacific Halibut, as well as oysters and mussels may help with many common health issues: May help lower cholesterol, tryglicerides, LDLs and blood pressure, while increasing HDL. May help to break up clots before they damage to the heart or brain. May help prevent breast, colon, and prostate cancers. May help regulate inflammation. May improve memory, reasoning, and the…

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The Reason Gluten Free Might Not Cure IBS Problems

Over the past few years many people have switched to gluten free in an attempt to manage disorderly IBS problems. And while many have seen an alleviation in symptoms, not all have. The reason for this is many people have an additional reaction to a different kind of food substance commonly found in gluten free foods. So what gives, why do some people go gluten free and still suffer gas, bloating, diarrhea, mental fog, and other symptoms related to IBS? The reason is people react to sugar and fiber proteins…

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Not all Omega-3s Created Equal, Find Out Which Are Inferior

Despite what you might have heard, not all Omega-3 fats are created equal. You likely know the importance of including Omega-3s into your diet. What you might not know is some of them just don’t perform. First let’s review what we know in regards to the benefits of Omega-3s for the human body. The American Heart Association has noted that… Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown in epidemiological and clinical trials to reduce the incidence of CVD (cardiovascular disease) Evidence from prospective secondary prevention studies suggests that EPA+DHA supplementation ranging…

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Most Vegetarian Sources of Omega-3 Stink, Except This One

While nearly everyone seems to know about the importance of Omega-3s in the diet, most people don’t really know which ones they should be eating. The American Heart Association makes it pretty clear. The first and foremost Omega-3s you should be eating are from fish sources. In a statement in 2012 they noted:   Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown in epidemiological and clinical trials to reduce the incidence of CVD (cardiovascular disease) Evidence from prospective secondary prevention studies suggests that EPA+DHA supplementation ranging from 0.5 to 1.8g/d (either as…

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Weight Loss 

The Top 6 Reasons to Add Coconut Oil to Your Diet Today

In recent years, fat has been less under attack than ever before. Partially because studies have found many fats can actually be healthy for us, when consumed in the context of a proper diet that is. One of the most beneficial fats comes from coconut oil. Coconut oil is made up of MCTs, or medium chain triglycerides. These shorter fat molecules are easily broken down by the body for quick absorption and use, making coconut oil one of the best oils to use for cooking and baking. What we’ve done…

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Why Being Optimistic Could Save Your Life

In the realm of medicine, observational studies show how one condition can be correlated to another condition. One of the more encouraging observational studies to make the news is how optimism can actually have a beneficial boost on your health. At least that’s what’s been shown by more than a handful of studies. What researchers have been able to determine is those who are optimistic generally have better health than those who aren’t. In particular they’ve been able to notice that their hearts and their immune systems work in an…

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Can You Train Your Brain to Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease?

You might not know this, but a growing body of research has shown if your mind is healthy, then your heart is also healthy. The exact mechanism these researchers have associated with increased heart health? Optimism. There have already been numerous studies that show how you can train your brain for positive affects on your health. It’s been noted by several  studies that being thankful can help you sleep better as well as help you deal with stress better. But now researchers have been able to show how optimism likely…

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