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10 Reasons to Avoid the Flu Shot

flu vaccineEvery Fall, Americans are subject to the annual onslaught of encouragement to be inoculated against influenza. The pressure continues through Spring, by which time more than half of U.S. citizens will have received the flu shot. Many of these people suffer adverse health consequences from the inoculation, because the flu shot is more dangerous than you have been led to believe.

Here are ten reasons to avoid the flu vaccine:

1. The vaccine is ineffective. Each year’s supply of vaccine is created months ahead of flu season, based on a “best guess” strategy as to which strains of the disease will pose a threat.

2. It is all about money. The members of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) are positioned to make billions of dollars from the sale of pharmaceutical drugs.

3. The concept of immunization is a false one. When someone is vaccinated, that person develops many symptoms, including a runny nose, ear infection, bronchitis, and even pneumonia. The vaccine introduces the virus into the body, suppressing immunity and causing symptoms.

4. The flu vaccine does not benefit infants and children. A scientific review of more than 50 studies surveying 260,000 children from six to 23 months failed to discover any evidence that young children derive benefit from the flu vaccine. Instead, research shows the injection can cause its own serious health problems, such as infection and even death.

5. The vaccine increases the threat to at-risk populations. In fact, the shot introduces live virus into the body, endangering patients with suppressed immune systems.

6. Mercury toxicity is a health hazard. The flu shot contains mercury, which is known to cause memory loss, respiratory issues, heart disease, attention deficit disorder, digestive problems, and oral health and other problems. A multi-dose flu shot contains much more mercury than the allowable daily exposure limit.

7. There is evidence of neurological disorders. The ingredients used in flu vaccines have been shown to cause serious neurological disorders. A number of flu shot recipients during the 1976 swine flu outbreak experienced permanent nerve damage. The flu vaccine contains formaldehyde, detergent and mercury, along with strains of the live virus.

8. There is increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Although seniors are targeted to receive the flu shot, evidence shows those who receive the flu vaccine for three to five consecutive years have a 10-fold increase for developing Alzheimer’s disease, as compared with people who do not get the vaccine. Also, the elderly often have weakened immune systems.

9. Multiple strains of influenza bring multiple risks. Since the H1N1 strain of flu arrived, it has become ever more difficult to determine which strains represent this year’s threat. Receiving shots for multiple strains of flu increases health risks.

10. Vitamin C is a better treatment. As has been the case with other drugs such as Tamiflu and Relenza, the flu vaccine can mutate with overuse. Vitamin C has been proven to reduce the symptoms of influenza, and it is a safe treatment.

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